The online home of Alex "Happs" Lashford.
This website is intended as a way to deliver my tunes to anyone, anywhere. I produce a few different styles as I enjoy nearly every aspect of dance music and the culture that goes with it. To this day, after years of listening, I still get a buzz and shivers down my spine from hearing a perfectly delivered trance breakdown. There will always be a place in my life for the music that has touched and shaped my life to what it is today. From the most chilled out of dance and ambient music to the hard, dirty, bouncy sound of UK Hardcore. As well as listening to all types of dance music I love to produce and represent my own twist in my own way. Every one of my tracks has a special meaning and marks a certain point in my life.
I began the hobby of producing when I was 14 (8 years ago) in the Music Technology rooms at my school. It was an extra curricular activity so it was done out of school hours, I was there all the time. >>
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